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Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It

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Been approached a lot this week…

Funny how people are soooo intrigued about
what we do here

Yet fail to step up and actually do

Kinda like just watching stuff on Farcebook

Or even worse…

Reading the inspirational quotes that are
rampant on there…

^^^ But will do NOTHING for you if you do

Which is why I don’t post inspirational

But instead post actual videos…

That are there to help you

To SHOW you that…

I Get It

Here are a few examples from this week

Some will make you laugh

Some may even make you cry…

I call it the Daily Dynamite



See for yourself

Episode #45   30 Mins Hanging By My Knackers

Episode #46   *** Danger *** This Could Seriously Damage Your Health

Episode #47   A Lesson From A Heroin Addict

Episode #48   I Felt Up This Guy In The Park…

Episode #49   Kept Awake Bangin’ All Night….


p.s. got summink pretty amazing to share
with you over the next week…

It’s the REAL reason I do this…





Peter Lant

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