Proud Of This Bunch

The May Swing Challenge is now into the
second week

And here are some of the comments from last

It would seem everyone is LOVING it

“Nice work how mad is it that 2 people from
NZ doing this? Small world”

“I got in late from watching my daughter
playing cricket tonight and wasn’t feeling
too inspired to pick up the bell. However,
knowing that my brother was going to be
waking up in New Zealand soon and checking up
on me, kept me honest!! Glad I did them now.
The support on here is bloody brilliant!!
Thanks everyone!”

“Needed to paint a wall. Needed to do 300
swings. Combined the two. “

“Stick drill followed by Swing breath ladder,
4 sets of 5-20 swings, 16kg bell. Muscles
feeling tighter, core starting to feel
stronger. Imagine what this will feel like at
the end of the month.”

“Day 4 post work workout of 15 mins timed
swings. Got a sweat on”

” it’s great when you add up the swings!
Can’t believe I done 200 swings! The thought
of doing 200 sounds quite daunting but in
this sequence I didn’t even think about it
until after!! “

These are just a small handful of the comments
coming in for everyone involved

They’re all keeping each other going

Which is why this works so well

And why I set up BKS (international) in the
first place

^^^ Cos it’s EXACTLY what I needed

But wasn’t available to me…

So I created it

And if you want in you can do that right here

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p.s. See you in the park







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