Problem Solved

I’ve learnt a new word

See if you can guess what it means

— Panacea —

^^^ Great word that

Funny how I can get into my fifth decade on this earth
and still not have heard of this word

Especially when it perfectly sums up what I talk about
a lot

Now before I tell you what it means (you’ve already
googled it haven’t you) ๐Ÿ˜‰

I just want you to think about this for a moment

Have you ever done one of the following to solve a

– Moved city

– Changed jobs

– Joined a gym

– Moved House

– Bought a new car

– Bought some new clothes

– Drank beer

– Ate a pizza and a tub of ice cream

– Ended a relationship

We’ve all done something along these lines to deal with
our problems

And we sometimes think that no-one else will understand

Cos we are the only ones that have these problems
(which is obviously untrue but difficult to see at the

And guess what

This ISN’T a new thing

It has NOTHING to do with this being the 21st Century

These sorts of problems have been around FOREVER

Yet we still think we can solve them by changing ONE

An all encompassing solution that will make EVERYTHING

Which is summed up in this word


This is a word derived from Greek routes via latin

So it’s been around for a LONG time

Just like all of these problems that we think only
happen to us

When the solution is staring us right in the face

Cos moving house, changing job, buying something to
make us feel better

This solves nothing unless we get happy with who we are

Ever heard the expression

‘Wherever you go, there you are’

If you get pissed off with your colleagues at work and
then take it out on your family at home

Changing jobs isn’t gonna solve anything is it

Cos there will be annoying colleagues in ANY job

Moving house isn’t gonna solve the problem and will
probably just add to the stress

And you’re certainly not gonna ditch your family to
save them from your tantrums (and then blame it on your

See the problem isn’t everyone else

It’s us

And the sooner we realise that the sooner we can sort
ourselves out

Which will solve everything else

^^^ A true panacea

Now we know that when you’re out of shape this
exacerbates problems

Because you feel tired and stressed out all the time

You lack energy

And when your energy is low you make poor decisions

Now I’m not saying getting in shape will solve
everything for you

But it will certainly help you feel better about

And therefore make you more confident and less reactive

Which is why I’m opening up the live BKS sessions again

Starting on 19 Feb

If you want to come and try BKS out for 2 weeks with no
obligation to join

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p.s. Problem solved ๐Ÿ™‚




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