Premiership Rugby Team Like My Book

This message came out of the blue on Thursday

“I am the sports nutritional chef for [a professional rugby team]
and live with the senior academy. I have passed on your tutorial
on kettle bell workouts which was received well.”

This fella did tell me which team it was but in the interests of
anonymity I’m keeping it to myself

Now I had no idea when I created my 101 Swing Workouts book that
it would be so well received

I had a message from another trainer on the same day asking if it
was ok to download it…

And of course I said YES

The more people who get their hands on this book the better…
the more potential it has to help people

So if you want to send it on to your friends then here’s the link

==> 101 Kettlebell Swing Workouts

I’ve worked with several ex rugby players here at BKS… guys in
their 40s who played rugby 20 odd years ago…

Now these guys are STRONG

But they’re also knackered from injury and tightness

Just asking them to raise their arms above their heads proves to
be difficult (and sometimes painful)

It’s really quite sobering when you see a fella twice your size
who can’t lift even moderate weights without pain

But after just a few session they usually improve their mobility
which is the start of rebuilding their strength PAIN FREE

The biggest problem I face is that there are so many guys like
this out there (and you might be one of them) that I can’t
possibly help everyone

Especially in person… there’s only so much of me to go around

Which is why I created the STRONG DAD Online Program

If you’re one of those fellas who’s seen the results of the guys
here at BKS and wish you lived closer so you could get to the

Then you’re in luck

Cos I’m opening up my STRONG DAD program again…

Beginning 30th April

So if you’re sick of not being able to get back in shape due to
old injuries that stop you from having fun

If you can’t shift the belly fat making all of your favourite
clothes redundant

Or if you’re just simply so sick of being out of shape but can’t
quite summon up the willpower to start

Then the STRONG DAD online program will be right up your street

The fellas who joined back in March love it so much they’re
staying on for the next one

But there are still 10 spaces left

If you’re interested then just hit the link below and fill in the
application form

==> STRONG DAD Online Program Application



p.s. hit me up if you have any questions





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