Please Stop Emailing Me

I’m gonna start with an open invitation for you…

Cos you may think these emails are Spiced Ham (see what
I did there)

But you gave me your email address when you downloaded
my free 101 workouts book…

A guy yesterday didn’t realise this telling me he
‘Doesn’t know how you got my email address’

Now you may think I came across it in the street or

Or acquired it from some ‘List’ for sale

But I’m not that clever (I wouldn’t know how to do

I just want to help you (which is why I gave you the
free workout book)

Cos it WILL help you

If you do it

So before I invite you to unsubscribe (which you can do
via the link at the bottom of this email)

And every other email I’ve sent

Before you tell me I’m full of sh*t

I want you to watch this video of (some) of the guys
I’ve helped over the years

* Guys who were in pain

* Fellas who were so overweight it was debilitating

* Blokes who now can’t believe how weak they were

==> CLICK to listen to the BKS Crew’s outstanding

^^^ It’s a bit out of date though

Paul says he’s lost 6 stone (which is now 8 stone)…
sorry ’bout that

I think you’ll agree that these fellas LOVE how they
feel since they joined

And I get that these emails may sound a bit

Well… harsh

But it’s cos I care… I want to help you but I can
only do that if YOU want me to

I can’t force you to do anything

And I also get that you may not be ready right now

You may think you’re not fit enough yet (but I’ll
address that in tomorrow’s email cos the results of the
guys on the STRONG DAD program are stacking up so I
feel I should keep you updated)

So when you ARE ready

I’m here



p.s. Oh and the unsubscribe link is down there

Click it and you’ll never hear from me again






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