Peter The Fun Sponge

Lethargy is contagious

At least that’s what I’ve been led to believe

And it kinda makes sense… See we all want to be different… we
all want to stand out and be individual but when it actually
comes down to it…

We end up doing what everyone else does

Think about it

You’re gonna hit the gym this evening but then one of your mates
asks if you fancy a few beers

You know this will hamper your goal of getting in shape and
losing the love handles but you also know that going for a few
beers is waaaay more exciting than going to the gym (but is it

Especially considering that you’ve been doing this for the past
20 years a couple of times EVERY WEEK so it’s hardly a special
event any more

Now I’m not trying to be a fun sponge here

But when you wake up feeling guilty cos your weigh in tells you
that the scales haven’t budged YET AGAIN

^^^ Which is when you blame your mate for twisting your arm

You decide this isn’t for you…

Thus conforming to what EVERYONE else does and giving up…

Going back to the way you have ALWAYS been (and will stay forever


You could actually BE DIFFERENT

You could BE the fella who actually sticks to something

You could BE the positive influence… rather than being
influenced to make bad decisions that don’t match up with what
you actually want

It’s that simple

People around you don’t want you to change because it makes THEM
uncomfortable (but that’s cool)

They’ll change their minds when you stop whining about how out of
shape you are and actually do what you said you would do

So if you TRULY do want to get back in shape and you want to
learn how to forge an Iron Will so you don’t get influenced by
all of the inevitable temptation that will be thrown your way

You can go it alone


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