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Quick one today dude…

Just had a few reviews in from the guys who
started over the last couple of months…

Here’s one from Paul that I thought I’d share
with you…

Have a read and then hit me up if you have
any questions…

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‘ Since turning 45 I was starting to feel the
aches and pains of age creeping up on me . I
had gained a massive amount of timber after
stopping playing Rugby. I wanted to find
something that fitted in with my weekly
schedule .

I’m not that keen on the gym environment and
the load banging music that goes with it. So
after seeing an add on Facebook for The Bath
Kettlebell Society I decided to hit the link
and take up a two week trial .

I can honestly say with hand on my heart this
was one of the best things I have ever done .
Peter Lant is professional in every sense of
the word . The sessions are pre planned and
are adapted to suit your own individual needs

I learnt to use muscles through stretches
that I forgot I had . I had a slight mobility
issue with my lower back that through time
and expert tuition by Peter we’ve managed to
put right .

The classes are small( so you can’t hide at
the back )and really friendly with lots of
different time slots throughout the day to
suit . Everyone supports everyone else . I
joined 3 months ago and in the time i feel
stronger , fitter and healthier than I’ve
been in many a year . Oh and I’ve lost nearly
2 stone . Happy days indeed… ‘

Up to you now dude…

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