What People Are Saying About The Swing Challenge

We’re 3 days into the swing challenge

And already it’s having the effect I wanted
it to

Just read this selection of posts from the

“Day 1: well here we are again. Hi to
everyone taking up the challenge…. enjoy it
guys! First attempt done post 12 hour
nightshift and I didn’t die! First 150 on the
board and a reminder to fit another few in
later today. Looking forward to reading all
your posts x”

“Thanks for doing this again Peter. It will
help me be more mindful about shovelling food
in my face as I often do in the run up to
Christmas. Kicked off with a 12kg ladder up
to 20 and back followed by a 5km jog. See you

“Kicked off the challenge with 500 swings at
7.15 this morning.”

“Day 1, 130 swings 8kg. Feeling really good
and can’t wait to see what I can achieve
through December. Thank you Peter “

“Day 1: 130 swings, 8kgs. Day 2: 200 swings,
8kgs. “

“Day 3….3 rounds Swing Breath Ladder, total
of 150 swings.”

As you can see…

It’s keeping people mindful of the impending
Christmas excess

And as you can also see

Without this little ‘prod’ they would
probably have done nothing about it

And by New Year they would have regretted
being so lethargic

That’s why I started the challenge a month
before Christmas

Cos I know what it’s like dude

I used to give up at this time every damn

Until I realised that it was holding me back

For no REAL reason…

This challenge is open to all my friend

You’ve already missed the first three days

But there’s still time to get in shape before

Just click this link



p.s. Or you can just sit back and ignore me

Which is cool…

But don’t ‘blame’ me when you explode on
Christmas day…









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