What People Are Saying About BKS

Did you watch the video yesterday?

If not it’s right here


It’s only 90s long…

But if you’re reading this on the bog and trying not to
wake the household

I’ll tell you that it’s a video of the fellas who see
me in person at BKS

They train in groups

And have a blast

Here are a few ‘highlights’ from what they say on the

“I was nervous to start with”

“I thought I wasn’t going to be fit enough”

“Would I stick with it”

^^^ These were the concerns they had before they
started which may be the same ones you’re having

Then a few of em talk about how it has helped them with
previous pain in various places

Especially Craig whose list of previous injuries is
longer than Mr Tickle’s arms

Bad neck, broken elbow, discectomy, osgood schlatters

“fixed 20 year old injuries”

Now that’s pretty good I think you’ll agree

And so is this

“I’ve lost 6 stone”

^^^ That was Paul at the time of recording, he’s since
gone on to lose another 2 stone and complete several
half marathons

And is running a marathon in the Autumn

Russ (or posterboy as he’s known) said he has “Learnt
how to engage my core”

Which has “dismissed all lower back pain”

Imagine that dude

No more lower back pain…

^^^ THAT’S worth coming along for on it’s own

But then Paul goes on to say

“I feel better, fitter, stronger than I have done for
the last 25 years”

So there you have it… and that’s not even ALL of it

See this isn’t just a show up and get beasted session

Cos those types of things get you minimal results at

And are more likely to make your current injuries worse

Rather than focusing on strengthening you in the right

Which is why I focus on keeping you moving into a ripe
old age

And not just getting you sweaty

^^^ Which anyone can do quite frankly

But not all trainers continue to learn how to help you
overcome your mobility issues

Not all trainers seek out the best in the industry to
learn from so you can be confident you are in the hands
of a professional

If that’s what you really want

To learn how to move so you can become stronger than
you ever thought possible

Without getting any more injuries

While managing your current ones

Rather than just getting bounced around a field doing
push ups in doggy doo doo

Then BKS is the place for you

The door is open (to 5 lucky fellas)

And your key is here v v v

==> The Key To BKS … Come in


p.s. If you’re still on the fence

If this sounds like it definitely ISN’T for you

Then you’re probably right

It takes a certain type of fella to admit they need

Took me a while (and I wish I’d have done it sooner)

But if you think you’ll be ok on your own that’s cool

No hard feelings 🙂





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