How A Pair Of Socks Can Make You Stronger

You MUST own a pair of socks

Unless you’re Dave who comes to the live BKS sessions

He wears flip flops year round

And he’s a southerner



Before I show you how you can use a pair of socks to
get you stronger let me tell you about Craig

He’s another one of the guys who comes to my live

His list of injuries over the years is rather

If he were a horse he would have been shot decades ago


Since he started training with BKS his injuries have

His knee no longer hurts (which it did do for 20 years
or more)

The aches in his lower back are gone…

His elbow doesn’t hurt any more

^^^ And many many more too numerous to mention

And he told me the other day that he has a small win
each morning

Cos he puts his socks on like I do in the video
attached below

He’s been doing it for months

And it’s helped his mobility massively

So I want you to give it a try (it’s harder than it

If you can do it…

Great (keep on doing it)

If not

Then it’s probably best to start stretching and doing
some mobility work to get your movement back

Because without your mobility it’s gonna get harder and
harder to move in later life

Especially if you sit at a desk all day

Fortunately for you though

My S T R O N G -> Dad Online program has a LOT of
mobility incorporated into it

So you get stronger fitter and healthier WITHOUT
getting those horrible little niggles you always get
when you go to the gym (of you ever go)

Most of the mobility stuff takes 5 minutes a day and
can be done anywhere at any time (so you never have to
worry about equipment)

And in a few months you’ll be moving like a ninja

If you want to know more just apply by clicking the
link below and we can have a chat about EXACTLY what
you’re after

==> CLICK HERE to apply to be a S T R O N G -> Dad


p.s. Here’s the video… give it a try

Fellas 35+ I bet you can't do this…

Posted by Bath Kettlebell Society on Friday, 19 January 2018






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