Isn’t it funny…

You have a pain…

It annoys the hell out of you

It plays on your mind all day long…

It makes you move differently

you’re continuously conscious that certain
things are gonna hurt

So you don’t do em

Then the pain goes away

And you don’t ‘really’ notice

Until a few weeks, months or even years

This happens a lot with the guys at BKS

Like Matthew last week

I was talking to a guy who had stopped by cos
he was interested in signing up

And I used Matthew as an example of what to
expect (mainly cos he was standing right
there so could back me up)

^^^ Nowt better than hearing about results
straight from the horses mouth…


I got a text off Mathew the next day…

He thanked me for sorting the pain in his
neck out…

See he’d been putting up with this for years

But after we started to work on his mobility
the pain disappeared

And he hadn’t even realised

Because a ‘new normal’ had been created…

Now he is normally without pain

He is strong

He can move well

And will keep on adding more mobility the
more work we do together…

^^^ How good is that…

Seriously dude

if you’ve got pain that’s stopping you from

Hit me up…

Or even better

Jump on board my Online Program

And discover your new PAIN FREE normal

CLICK HERE to get your FREE blueprint so you can start getting stronger TODAY


p.s. Even if it’s a pain in the arse





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