Oops – I forgot

Forgot to send this earlier…

Even had a couple of emails from concerned
citizens asking if I was ok…

Well I am

I just plain forgot…

What a douche…


I received this review the other day

Kevin has just finished the Online Lard
Buster and he had this to say about it


”  I have just completed the 6 week online
program. I wanted to firstly de-lard a little
from the off season and secondly make some
strength gains and this seemed to be the
ideal thing to achieve both of those goals.

So what did I get?

An email every morning telling me what to do
that day.

But this was also backed up by a video
resource explaining exactly what to do and
how to do it.

Still don’t understand something?

Then there is support but not just from Peter
but from the very welcoming FB group.

I have had prior experience with kettlebells
but I still learned loads and I mean loads.

All in just 20-30 minutes a day.

In week two my belt tightened a notch, by the
end I look and feel much better.

So is this program for you?

Would I recommend it?

Yes and yes.

It works, simple as that.

You will de-lard and you will get stronger.

I have, since finishing, signed up to the BKS
Inner Circle to continue working with

There is no obligation to do this but I have
found the last six weeks so enjoyable, I want
to carry on.

As I said in the facebook group to a new
member “The only thing if front of you is
improvement” and I still stand by that.

Sign up and change your life, it’s not
something you will regret. “


So I thought I’d open this up to you again…


That being TODAY…


Cos after today I’ll be concentrating on my
next one day event…

So this is your last chance for a while

You in?






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