Ooohh Yes

Went to see Churchill last week

Not to renew my car insurance

^^^ Cos I haven’t got a car

I’m of course talking about the factually
incorrect fillum about the ‘real’ Winston

Here’s a fella who had captured the spirit of
the nation during WWII

But he still doubted himself every day
(according to the film)

And I can believe this

We all do it…

But the thing that got me was how pissed off
his wife was about it

Almost to the point of leaving him…

Yep even the strains of running a country
during the war aren’t enough of an excuse to
neglect your marriage…

^^^ So staying back at work a few hours here
and there to finish that report

Well that’s really gonna help innit…

‘I’m doing this for YOU and the kids’

–> That’ll only buy you so much time dude

Especially since there will ALWAYS be more

This is why I encourage fellas to take a bit
of time for themselves…

So you stop running around after everyone

Spending all of your time trying to make
others happy

(While you just get more and more knackered)



Burnt Out

Until you blow your top when one of the kids
spills some juice on the carpet

Which isn’t really that bad is it…

But it’s these over-reactions that get harder
and harder to apologise for…

^^^ Cos they’re not as important as WWII

Which STILL wasn’t enough of an excuse to
push everyone away…

All I’m asking for is a couple of hours a

To give you back some of YOUR time

To re-charge yourself

Give you MORE energy

So you can deal with stress much more easily

And be cool calm and collected at home

Giving you some actual QUALITY time with your
wife and kids…

See what I mean right here v v v

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p.s. I used to blow up at the tiniest of
things my man

So I get how this all works…

But if you think I’m ful of shit

Then that’s cool

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