Only Four Members (So far)

It’s no coincidence that the ONLY 4 members of BKS Club 100 are
folk who train with me in person

Everyone at BKS started from the VERY beginning (myself included)

Most of the ladies start out getting used to a 12kg bell (which is where
I started)

While the fellas start out with a 16kg

(When people try on their own I usually hear of fellas using a
12kg and ladies a 6 or 8kg)

Which is fine but if you want to lose a ton of lard while getting
super strong so you can handle anything life can throw at you
then you’re gonna be looking to make some progress
Kinda like Claire

^^^ She’s a proud winner of a BLACK Club 100 t-shirt

Which is the ULTIMATE prize here at BKS

She completed 100 KB Snatches with a 16kg bell

So just to put that in perspective

Most ladies swing a 6 or 8kg (and find that challenging)

While Claire (who to be fair is NAILS) can do this

Posted by Bath Kettlebell Society on Thursday, 14 June 2018

And as you can see Ben (who also earned his BLACK shirt)
Was there to congratulate her too…

^^^ Proving that BKS truly is a TEAM



p.s. Here are the conditions of the challenge

1) You MUST know what you’re doing… if you have no idea and
attempt this challenge without prior kettlebell coaching and
without putting in the time to LEARN proper technique I will not
be held responsible for any injuries (if you need help then get
in touch)

2) Complete 100 snatches non-stop to get your Club 100 T-Shirt

RED Shirt – Men 20kg, Ladies 12kg

BLACK Shirt – Men 24kg, Ladies 16kg

3) Video your successful set and post it in the ‘Secret’ group to
claim your Club 100 t_shirt

4) You must be a member of one of the BKS programs to qualify
(this does not stop you from challenging yourself and posting
your video but to earn a t-shirt (and a place in the BKS hall of
fame you have to be a paid up member of BKS)

^^^ If you want to know more about how to become a member the
easiest way is to be part of BKSIC… just reply to this email to
get more information

5) Once you are a member of Club 100 you’ll have your picture on
the ‘Hall of Fame’ page on the BKS website (sporting your Club
100 t-shirt)

Good luck…






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