Only A Couple Of Spots Left

So we’re gonna get some more snow apparently… that b*tch from
the east is coming back…


But that’s cool cos at least you won’t have the kids home from
school again (saying as they’re off for Easter anyway)

Which brings me to today… Friday… The ‘working from hammock’

No doubt you’ll make a few phone calls this morning… to show
you’re working… then you might send a few emails

Then maybe… just maybe you’ll clock off early (but still be
available on your mobile)

Cos you know everyone esle does the same on a Friday right (and
if you don’t then you’re missing a trick)

So that’s why I want to catch you now…

Cos the BKS 14 day trial starts on Monday 9 April (and there are
only a couple of spots left)

==> CLICK HERE to book your spot

If you want to know a little more about what to expect then just
watch the video before you jump in…

The fellas are pretty fired up in there… and for good reason…

But I’ll let them tell you

Now I expect that BKS will be full after this trial is over

Especially cos folk seem to get IMMEDIATELY stronger and after
the 2 weeks want to know what will happen if they stay on
(knowing that if they stop they’ll just go back to what they were

But you never know cos it’s not for everyone… for some reason
not all of us WANT to be strong (although I don’t really believe
that)… I think some fellas out there really DO want to get
stronger but just don’t want to put in the effort

And if there are any fellas on the 14 day trial who feel this way
(which is doubtful cos I like to make sure it definitely IS for
you rather than just wast your time and mine)

Then if you miss out this time you may get lucky… (but I doubt

So it’s your gamble dude

==> CLICK HERE now and secure your spot

Or gamble and hope there’s a space when you actually do decide to
move forwards

Your choice my man



p.s. If you don’t live in Bath and can’t make the sessions then
don’t panic … my STRONG DAD online program will be opening it’s
doors again at the beginning of May

Just hit me up now if you’re interested and I’ll put you on the
waiting list







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