One Year To Live (What Would You Do?)

I read a fair amount

And some books are just made to read over and

Cos every time you get something new…

So I ALWAYS have a book that I read a few
pages every day…

And when I get an insight…

Some wisdom from it…

Something that I can apply right away

I make a note of it (in my own words)

I close the book

And I get on with other stuff I have to do
(this usually only takes me 5 mins)

There was a likkle pearl in one of these
books the other day

And I was talking to the fellas at BKS about

See we’re al of a certain age…

So we all know of someone who’s been
terminally ill (sometimes at a young age)

Like my old man who died of cancer at 65

Now this book asked a question

‘ if you were given ONE year to live…

What would you change in your life ‘

^^^ Ruddy good question that…

And very timely for a couple of the guys

I hear stories all the time about people who
have been diagnosed with a terminal illness

So they decide to cram everything they’ve
ever wanted to do into whatever time they
have left

But Why Wait

We all have hopes and dreams

We all want something bigger

We all want to make a difference

This is why I created BKS

Te help guys like you get fitter stronger and

To empower YOU to be able to do more with
your life

To give you the health and fitness to be able
to achieve MORE

To get exactly what YOU want

Without burning out and giving up when things
get tough

Which is what most of us do

Now training a bunch of fellas at the live
sessions in the park makes me happy

It give me a purpose

But I wanted to help MORE fellas

Fellas who might not be able to make it to
see me

You might be too busy or maybe you don’t even
live anywhere near me

But I can still help you

All you have to do is hit this link v v v

And find out how


p.s. If you already have everything you need

Or are just gonna pretend that you’re happy
with your health and fitness right now

Then that’s cool

You can unsubscribe down there




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