Why Is One Side Way Stronger Than The Other?

Ever had sore shoulders dude

If you work at a desk or spend a lot of time driving
then chances are you’ve probably had some discomfort

Like when your kids run up to you and jump into your
arms and one side just screams at you

This is when you may or may not realise that you tend
not to do anything to aggravate that discomfort

So you pretty much stop using that arm for anything…

Think about it

Which arm do you use to open doors with

Which arm do you carry bags with

Which shoulder do you put a backpack on first…

^^^ Even though when I was a slip of a lad carrying a
backpack over BOTH shoulders was considered rather

Which is probably why my left shoulder isn’t happy with
me right now


This sort of thing can happen with anything…




But rather than just live with it there are things you
can do about it…

Only thing is though you have to know what you’re doing

Which is why I have an example right here…

My left shoulder has ALWAYS been weaker than my right

And I mean a LOT weaker

The strength training I’ve been doing over the years
has made my left a damn sight stronger than I ever
thought it would be

But it still doesn’t feel quite right

And it got to the point where it felt like I was LOSING
STRENGTH (which I’m NOT happy about)

So instead of just doing the same old things and hoping
it would go away

I went to see Zach the chiropractor

And he performed this simple test

Cracked my bones a bit

Then gave me a few exercises

^^^ OK there was a LOT more to it than that but you
don’t want to hear my medical history…


Have a gander at this video to see what the problem was
and how I’m dealing with it


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p.s. The exercises I’m doing in the video are

But they will massively improve my strength while
preventing me from blowing my shoulder out

Win Win





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