One Day To Go

Did you read the feedback in yesterday’s email

Made me feel pretty damn good it did

Nearly as good as the fellas who sent it…


I only have a couple of quick things for you today

Cos tomorrow I’m gonna be inviting you onto my
— S T R O N G – Dad — Online program

So I just want to make sure you open tomorrow’s email
EARLY so you don’t miss out

Unless all of the 10 spaces have already been snapped
up by the fellas in the Secret Community

But you’ll just have to wait and see won’t you

So for now I want you to try a couple of things to make
sure you’re ready

1) Drink 2l of water today

2) Go for a walk (at least 30 mins)

3) Tell someone you love them (and mean it)

4) Get a good night’s kip (and be ready at 6.55
tomorrow morning when the email arrives)

That’s it



p.s. Go on then… have a pint too 😉






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