This Is Obvious (But Will Still Hold You Back)

Had an interesting comment on a post

A guy saying he walks a lot and eats well…

^^^ And that’s how he stays fit

Which works

But then he posted this

” Maybe if I had their muscles I would do
what they do. Better than the gym and great
to see dad’s getting some positive time for a
change. “

Now YOU may be thinking exactly the same

You may think it’s looks great what we do in

But you aren’t ‘muscly enough’

Or you aren’t fit enough

You haven’t got the motivation

You won’t be able to keep up

I know cos this is what I thought when I
started to get hold of my fitness…

Now while this guy was typing away another
review turned up on the BKS page

It was left by Claire who started with us a
couple of weeks ago…

” To ayone thinking about giving kettlebells
a go with Peter Lant at Bath kettlebells
society, my advice would be go for it!

I’m a mum of two young children who found
myself unfit & overweight, I knew I needed to
make a change & to do that I had to make the
first move & step outside of my comfort zone,

once I signed up to the free May swing
challenge that Peter set up I realised how I
can make real progress in a very little time
& the support of the group & Peter gave me
the confidence & motivation to make that step
outside of my comfort zone,

so I signed up for the 14 day trial in the
park, turning up for my first session I was
excited but so nervous & self conscious!

But I needn’t have been, Peter & the rest of
the group are so welcoming & supportive & I
felt at home straight away, obviously at the
level of fitness I was or should I say

I have encountered a few aches! But Peter is
great, he really knows his stuff & has helped
me work through everything!

He has an answer & solution for everything I
have asked him. I started in the may swing
challenge & am currently just going into my
3rd week at the park & I already feel

I can’t imagine not being part of the bath
kettlebell society & being trained by Peter
anymore! “


So you can keep thinking like the first fella
and make up excuse after excuse…


Be like Claire and just step up…

Cos you’ve hear straight from her about how
that feels…

The next 14 day trial starts NEXT MONDAY

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p.s. One space has been snapped up already

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