Now That’s Magic

I went to see a Chiropractor this week

My left side is waaaaay weaker than my right (always
has been)

I’ve had it looked at several times over the years but
no-one has been able to actually sort it out

Until I saw this guy

He’s like a magician or summink

If you are struggling with any pain in your joints

Or ANY mobility issues then I recommend you give Zach a

Here’s a link to the website in case you need it

I can already feel my left side getting stronger after
just 2 days

^^^ And that’s because I now know what the issue is

Cos rather than trying to figure it out myself

I went to see Zach (even though I have seen other
movement specialists in the past and had no joy)

But all health providers are not created equal

And he’s already proven that

So I urge you…

If you are in pain and it’s holding you back

You have a choice

Do nothing and let it get a little bit worse every day


Get in touch with Zach (if you live in Bath) and get it sorted once and for

It’ll save you a ton of time moaning about it in the
future 😉



p.s. Sometimes you have to regress to progress

^^^ Or summink like that





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