Not What I Expected

^^^ That’s what someone told me yesterday

Apparently they thought these emails were gonna be all
about how to get in shape…

And I could do that

Day after day

Tell you that if you drink 2 litres of water per day

Take a fish oil capsule

Eat less

Exercise more (mostly lifting weights)

And get some sleep

That you would DEFINITELY get back in shape

^^^ And you would

That’s the formula right there

I also gave you a book with 101 workouts in it
(starting from the beginning and getting progressively

You only have to learn one exercise

And you only need one piece of equipment

I then invited you to get started on the 5 Day
Kettlebell Fat Funeral

This was so I could give you some guidance as to how
this all works

And if you did all of that then you should be well on
your way to getting back in shape…

But if you didn’t take the opportunity

For whatever reason

Then you’re gonna need more help than me just telling
you what to do…

Which is why these emails are more about HOW I can help

Cos the products I use WORK… simple as that

I’ve tested them on myself

I’ve tested them on the fellas who see me in person

I’ve stripped out everything your DON’T need so you
only have to do what’s necessary

Just to keep it simple for you

So if you expected me to email you with workouts every
day then I suggest you go to YouTube and search for
‘Kettlebell Workouts’

There are MILLIONS on there… (some of which are
videos of me)

But if you truly want to get back in shape

If you’re ready to invest some time and effort into

For the next 6 weeks

Then hit the link below

==> Join My 6 Week Online Lard Buster



p.s. Good luck with YouTube




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