No Quitters

Been a few slackers recently…

Seems to be the time of year when everyone is demanding your

And it’s the same for the folk here at BKS

One of the crew has uncharacteristically missed a few sessions
over the last couple of weeks

Being pulled in all directions by a demanding family

Sick kids

And just general burned-outedness (I made that word up but it
makes sense right)

But here’s the thing about the types of folk we have here

They don’t use this as an excuse to give up (in fact it’s the
exact opposite)

When there’s a chance to make a session …


And the reason

“It’s the only time I get for MYSELF”


That quote there says it all…

Now I know working long hours and looking after your family is
HUGELY important

But who looks after YOU

If you dont take some time to work on yourself then how the hell
can you have enough energy to be there for all of the other
important people in your life

I know this from experience by the way

I used to be a people pleaser… keeping everyone else happy…
easy going Peter… So laid back he’ll fall over

But all the while I felt drained cos I never got to look after
myself (which is when I burned out)

I was out of shape and had the jublies to show for it

I was angry all of the time

And I took it out on everyone around me (until it caused
arguments with everyone I came into contact with)

All of these other people in my life who were ALL wrong… they
didn’t get it…

But the common person in all of this was ME

I was the one causing all of these arguments cos I was so
stressed out

It took me a while but when I decided to get myself in shape

When I looked after number one for a bit

I came out of the other side with way more energy than before

And I was a lot more calm… which changed the way people acted
towards me (funny that)

I Get It Dude

You feel duty bound to look after everyone else

And that’s very commendable (but when it becomes too much you’ll
need somewhere to turn)

You’ll want to vent your frustrations without taking it out on
everyone around you

And the fellas at BKS get that (cos they’ve all been there)

Which is why I want you to have a look at what they say in the
video below

==> BKS 14 Day Zero To Hero Trial



p.s. If you think that’s all a load of old pony

Then that’s cool

I used to think that too

And I definitely would have been annoyed with someone like me
pointing it out

So I would have definitely unsubscribed and continued to wallow
in my own B.S

Which you can do by clicking the unsubscribe link below




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