No Longer Just A Spandex Suit

Ready for another fillum quote my friend

Ok here goes

” If you’re nothing without the suit…

Then you don’t deserve it “

^^^ Tony Stark in the new Spiderman

Which is a great flick by the way…

He’s referring to the badass Spidey suit that
Peter Parker wears

It’s not just spandex anymore

But Peter lets the suit define WHO he is…

He says he’s nothing without it

Which obviously isn’t true (but is what he

See I think this may be true about you

You think that if you lose a bunch of

Then all of your problems will be solved…

But what has actually changed apart from your
physical appearance?…

Ok you may get a bit more confidence…

(but how do you make sure this will last)


There must be more to why you want to get
fitter stronger and healthier…

Have a think?…

Is it cos you’re a bit sweaty at the moment
(cos it’s summer)

^^^ And the more you try not to sweat… the
more you think about it

The more you sweat…

(I used to hate that)

Or does it go deeper than that…

Maybe you’re eating more because there’s
something you’re just not totally happy with
right now…

Or maybe you just have no clue how to get
fitter stronger and healthier (which I
suspect isn’t true)

Mainly cos I’ve told you a million times how
to make it as simple as possible…


Have a think about WHY you want to live

And then hit this link to get on board the 14
day trial to make sure you do v v v

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p.s. Gonna go see Spiderman again (mainly
cos theere’s nowt else on at the moment)





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