Never Agree To Anything That’s Suggested In The Pub

I admit it…

I’m a bit of a div…

But aren’t we all…

So me and some of the BKS crew are gonna do
something a bit daft…

On Sat 19 August

We’re gonna get the train from Bath to

And walk back

^^^ Yep you read that right

60 miles along the Cotswold Way

In ONE sitting

Now THAT’S a challenge…


^^^ Why not…

It’ll SHOW that this shit works

I know this would have been waaaaay beyond my
capabilities a few years ago

Same with some of the fellas

Which is why I invited em to do it with me

And unbelievably some of em said yes…

You reckon you could do it dude?

If not then that’s cool

But when I do more stuff like this in the

If you really do wanna get on board…

And prove to yourself that you are waaay more
capable than you give yourself credit for

Then sign up for my 14 day trial…

So you can start to build the strength and
stamina to be able to do stuff like this…

Without having to train extra hard…

^^^ Seriously

We will still be doing the same stuff we
always do…

Cos it works

See for yourself here v v v

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p.s. That’ll teach me to have discussions
about this stuff over a few beers…





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