I Nearly Wet Meself

Was in Belfast last weekend

Imagine doing that 25 years go?…

There wasn’t much of a tourist industry in
Northern Ireland back then

But now it’s all different…

And the history is amazing to see

Such a friendly place

It’s a shining example to what we’re capable

As human beings

And the thing that got me was the sense of
humour of the people there…

They’re obviously aware of what went on over
the last 100 years (and more)

But they can still see a funny side here and

Now apparently there used to be only one
hotel in Belfast…

But when the troubles had ended the tourism
industry took off

And I heard an hee-larious story…

Apparently there was a guy who wanted to
build a hotel in the city

But had to demolish two disused government
buildings to do so…

So he called in explosive experts from London
to do the job…

^^^ But the people of Belfast said they would
have done it for a fraction of the price

I nearly wet meself…

Here’s the thing though

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But you still keep on looking for the ‘right’

One that’s more right than the last one…

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p.s. If you haven’t been to Belfast then

And go to the Crown pub…






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