My Fitbit Exploded

How many steps do you do?

What’s the most you’ve done in a day?

For me it used to be 25 (ish) miles

Which was tough

But over the past weekend…

I walked for 30 hours straight

Through the night

Without stopping

Which is probably somewhere around 72 miles

But why?

Well there were a few valuable lessons that I
want to share with you…

1) When you’re tired you make the small
problems into BIG problems (when all you need
to do is rest)

2) If you don’t keep calm under pressure you
will miss the obvious solutions

3) If you don’t move a lot (like sitting down
for 8 hours a day)… you will LOSE your
ability to move

4) Your body has a natural rhythm and if you
fight it you will lose

5) Wanting to quit is a temporary state of
mind and will pass

If you want to know more about these I am
doing a video on each this week on the old

And I’m gonna use these lessons to coach


^^^ Yep

I did this in May with an online group from
all over the world…

And it was so successful that I’m doing it

And you can get in via this link v v v


p.s. You can check out what the previous
group had to say about what happened in May
here v v v





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