My First Time In A Gym

I usually spend most of the morning in bed on a Saturday

Drinking coffee and watching a couple of programs I fell asleep
in front of on Friday night…

^^^ Sounds a bit lazy for a trainer I know… but we all need our

However today is different

I’m gonna be lifting heavy stuff at the Tactical Strength

This is a global event run by Strongfirst (a school of strength)
and I’m a bit nervous

I’ve never done this event before so while I’m used to lifting
heavy stuff I still have a few butterflies

It reminds me of the fist time I ever went to the gym

I was so nervous… I just peeked around the door and scurried
into a corner not knowing what to do first

I didn’t ask anyone even thought I had no clue where to begin

After a few weeks I had my own little routine set up and was
feeling pretty good…

Until I realised that I wasn’t getting particularly fit or

And I didn’t lose any weight…

The flab was still … well… flabby

This continued for the next 10 years with me entering half
marathons…. losing weight… then putting it all back on again
after the event

I just couldn’t get excited about running and running and
running… I hated every minute of it

But I had no idea what else to do

That probably sounds familiar right dude?

Most of the fellas I talk to are in a similar boat…

Which is why I designed my STRONG DAD Online program to help you

It’s tailored to YOU so you can start from your current level of
strength and fitness (or if you’re like I was… lack of either)

There’s a few different price points depending on how much
support you will need…

However it’s designed to teach you the principles behind getting
super strong while losing a ton of lard so you can move to one of
the cheaper versions once you’re a bit more self sufficient

^^^ This will cost you way less than hiring a trainer in a gym

Cos for what I offer a gym based trainer will charge you £500 per
month (if they’re cheap that is)

A more experienced trainer like myself may even charge nearly
double that…

Now if price puts you off then this definitely won’t be for

And I get that… it’s not cheap

But then ‘cheap’ & ‘best’ never go together in the same sentence

And this program will definitely get you fitter, stronger faster
and leaner…

I’ll even back it up by offering you a money back guarantee…

If you follow the program and don’t get the results you wanted…
then I’ll give you your money back

That’s how confident I am that the STRONG DAD program works
(which has been proven by the results of the guys on it at the

The same guys who are staying on for the next one cos it’s
surpassed their expectations and they want to see what happens

But these guys were READY to start…

They WANTED to make a positive change

So if that’s where you’re at right now my friend…

You can apply for one of the TEN open spots by following the link

==> CLICK HERE to apply to be a STRONG DAD…

You never know

By this time next week we could be talking on the old dog and
phone about the next steps to you getting back in shape and
loving it



p.s. Time to lift heavy stuff

Wish me luck 🙂





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