My Embarrassing Injury

You’re not gonna believe this one dude

I’m not even sure I should tell you about

Cos it’s pretty pathetic

In fact I’m blushing right now as I write

But this injury

The embarrassing one


Let’s just say I should have exercised more

As I was taking my clothes off…

Cos while I was removing my jumper

I wrenched my shoulder…

^^^ OK this was a few years ago

But I bet you’ve done the same sort of thing
at some point

Injured yourself doing something ridiculously

Like drying your hair…

^^^ This happened to a mate of mine once

See when you have poor mobility

You’re more likely to get hurt

Especially if you decide that to get fitter
stronger and healthier

You have to move faster

When you find moving slowly difficult

That’s why I’m gonna SHOW you exactly what
you need to do

On 31 October I’m running a FREE online
training event…

Where I will give you everything you need to
get fitter stronger and healthier

And lose up to a stone

–> For free

I’m gonna present it to you in the simplest
way possible

So you can’t fail

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