My Bush Had To Go


This thing was so overgrown

There were things living in it

It was itchy

And it was threatening my garden wall

^^^ What did you think I was on about?

Yep my garden wall was covered in Ivy and
this other stuff that I have no idea what it

But it isn’t there any more…

Cos I hacked it down

Which was a massive job…

But it could have been prevented…

If I’d have kept on top of this

Year after year

Little and often


Then it wouldn’t have been a problem

It wouldn’t have kept me awake at night (yep
it actually did)

a tiny problem that gets bigger and bigger
the more you leave it

^^^ That can be tiring right dude?

It’s even worse when the problem follows you
around all day every day

Like being out of shape

You can’t run away from that one my friend
(pun intended)

It’ll be there until you do something about

Or good old mother nature does something for

Those are the options…

And from what I’ve heard mother nature can be
pretty ruthless with this sort of thing



What’s it to be my man…

Leave it another couple of years until your
wall is ready to topple over

Or do something about it TODAY so your wall
stays strong for many years to come…

Go on

Trim your bush v v v

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p.s. If you’re happy with a big old thatch

Then maybe it’s time for you to bounce v v v





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