Most Fellas Can’t Do This Without REALLY Hurting Themselves

The BKS Free fitness challenge starts on 1 June

I ran the same challenge last year with some great results

You can read about some of those here v v v

==> BKS FREE June Fitness Challenge


You can SEE the results for yourself

A couple of the fellas in the video below did this exact
challenge this time last year

Both of them started out swinging a very light bell and were
knackered at the end of it

But in this video which was recorded this week they SHOW the
progress they’ve made in their fitness (which you will see is

This was recorded at the end of a session… so they had already
been ‘working out’ for 50 minutes

Which makes it even more impressive

Check it out here v v v

==> Most People Can’t Do This Without REALLY hurting themselves

If you want to experience the progress these fellas have had

These fellas who USED TO BE every day guys like you… but are
now Strong as FOOK

You can start where they did

On the BKS FREE fitness challenge

==> FREE Fitness Challenge



p.s. Ben (in the video) completes 1.2 TONS in just a couple of



Watch it v v v

June Swing Challenge

50 snatches in one goTWO of these fellas did the Swing Challenge last year and then decided to join BKS as a result…Both had zero experience with Kettlebells Check out the link in the comments to join the #juneswingchallenge and who knows… this could soon be you…Stay STRONGPeter

Posted by Bath Kettlebell Society on Wednesday, 23 May 2018





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