More = Better?

Short one today dude…

Am knackered after spending an FULL day
yesterday getting my head around what’s gonna
happen over the next 90 days

With my businesses

My relationships


And my mindset (which has the potential to
stop me in my tracks)

Got to keep your mindset in check dude

If you don’t then it’ll convince you that
staying still is the right thing to do…


You might have missed this yesterday v v v

It’s all the reviews I’ve received from
action takers

Who’ve ALL progressed towards their goals

Even when they thought it was gonna be too

What about you my man?

You gonna step up?


p.s. FULL day of focus today too…

Sending time on this shit NOW

Will make sure I don’t stumble over the next
90 days

I’ll have a CLEAR path

So I don’t waste time on doing stuff that
will not serve me…

More DOES NOT = better





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