A Midget Walks Into A Bar

You’re tall

^^^ No-one EVER says that to me by the way

But I was in the pub last week when a rather
tall fella walked in

And he got loads of comments about how tall
he was (as if he didn’t know already)

Now I know there are a lot of advantages to
being tall

Like superior ‘Bar Presence’

But not every tall person is gonna like the

Funny though innit…

If a Little Person

(I hope that’s the PC term these days… hard
to keep track of what’s right and wrong to
say in world of ever increasing sensitivity)

^^^ Little rant there

(or should that be ‘small’ rant)

Now I’m confused


If a midget were to walk into a pub

No-one is gonna walk over and comment on
their height are they…

It’s the same with Fat people

Skinny people

People with unusually large heads…


Someone who has a limp…


Why is it ok to point out some of these
things but not others

Like when I’m advertising my services

I’m not allowed to use the very word ‘fat’

^^^ Even when I’m talking about food…

As in butter – contains fat

Not allowed

Just in case I offend someone

But let’s face it dude

If you’re wanting to get fitter stronger and

But you’re in denial about what you need to
do about it

So you carry on doing nothing

While ‘secretly’ desiring to fit into your
favourite shirt again

And not be an embarrassment to your kids

If you’re hiding away from the truth…

Then you need someone to call you out on your
own bullshit

So you can FINALLY do something about it…

And if you can’t handle that

Then BKS isn’t the place for you…

Cos it’s up to YOU to actually want to BE

And none of us here can do that for you my

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p.s. If anything I’ve said in this email
offends you then maybe this isn’t the place
for you

No hard feelings my friend

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