Men In Tights

So I was at the ballet on Saturday night


The ballet…

And it was Cinderella too…

It’s alright though cos I checked yesterday and my
knackers are still there ๐Ÿ˜‰


The ballet

It was pretty damn impressive

As well as it being a Matthew Bourne production…
which has his own unique style…

It made me think a lot about you

^^^ Seriously

Now these lads and lasses dancing around on the stage
made it all look so fluid


When you just know how much work they have put into it

Not just learning the moves and practicing over the
last few months

But their whole lives…

^^^ Which is what a guy in a coffee shop told me (cos
he used to be one of the dancers)

“It’s FULL ON”

He said

“When I got to my late 30s I had to give up cos I
couldn’t keep up”

Which you should be able to relate to right

Think about it

Can you do now what you could do in your 20s

Are you fitter stronger and faster

Probably not

But why can’t you be

Maybe it’s because of all these folks out there telling
you to ‘Train hard or go home’

The trainers who will beast you until you puke then
high five you for a job well done (if you can still lift
your arms)

While you limp out the door wondering why your legs
have stopped working (and when the pain will stop)

^^^ This is what this dancer guy was on about

If you smash yourself to pieces every time you workout
that is EXACTLY what will happen

You will literally work yourself out

Which is why you stop (cos it’s not sustainable)

But what if there was a way

A way in which you could become stronger, fitter,
faster and healthier without having to puke up a lung

Some program that would make you feel STRONGER every
session rather than beaten to a pulp

Something that would help you get back the mobility you
had 20 years ago…

The mobility your kids have got and you envy

Well that’s exactly what my S T R O N G -> Dad online
program will do

Cos quite frankly ANY trainer can get you sweaty

If you think you need someone to stand over you and
PUSH you further then you’re gonna be washed up pretty

But if what you really want is someone to break it all
down for you

So you can build strength quickly but safely

Without all of the aches and pains you’ve experienced
in the past

If you want to stop your knees from hurting

Or your hips from locking up

Your shoulders from aching

Your neck form struggling to keep your head aloft

THAT’S the sort of stuff I will help you with

And not the ‘Fashionable’ flopping around like a decked
salmon that the fitness industry commercial
heavyweights use to get you to join their clubs

Knowing this will not be sustainable so you will give
up while they still take your money

^^^ So if you want to avoid wasting your time

Or have already done so and FINALLY want to get in
shape without the pain and discomfort

Then apply for my S T R O N G -> Dad Online program by
clicking the link below

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p.s. Tomorrow I’ll show you how to improve your
mobility with just a pair of socks






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