Maybe It’s Time For You To Unsubscribe

^^^ Seriously dude

I spend a lot of time trying to help you

I send you these emails every day

Post videos all over Farcebook

Videos that will help you get in shape

I GAVE you a free blueprint SHOWING you how
to get in shape

I’ve ran Swing Challenges

Designed to get you back in shape without
having to do too much

I’ve even set up a free group where you can
ask me anything

And I’ll do my very best to help you…


Yet still you do NOTHING

And in that case

Maybe it’s time for you to unsubscribe

Via the link at the bottom of this email

Cos obviously my FREE help isn’t of interest
to you…

If however

You’re just a bit shy

The reserved type who still isn’t sure

Then what do I have to do to convince you to
get started…

Another free swing challenge maybe

Like the one you can join via this link v v v


p.s. The unsubscribe link is this way

But if you’re gonna stay

Then maybe it’s time to actually do something
before it’s too late





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