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This May Make Your Brain Hurt

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Gonna get all philosophical on you today

I read this quote last week

” Lack of activity destroys the good
condition of every human being, while
movement and methodical physical exercise
save it and preserve it”

^^^ It’s Plato what said that

Somewhere around 400 BC

So erm …

This concept of getting stronger fitter and

By doing something meaningful every day

Has been kicking around for rather a long

So why do you find it so hard to do?

Probably because the rest of the ‘fitness
industry’ is throwing all of the quick fixes
at you


Meta Fit


Interval Training



^^^ The list goes on

And I’ll let you in on a little secret my

It’s all the same stuff…

And it’ll get you tired and sweaty

But it’ll probably increase your chance of
doing yourself a mischief…

Cos if you can’t do something slowly and
under control

Then how the hell will doing it faster make
it better…

^^^ Just have think about that one dude

And then read the Plato quote again…

“methodical physical exercise”

So not just a random bunch of ‘stuff ‘

But something structured

Where you can track your progress

So you know you’re on the right path…

Just have a look at the greek statues to see
what sort of fellas this ‘methodical’ stuff


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p.s. Nothing here today

But thanks for looking 😉





Peter Lant

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