You May Kiss The Bride [fancy a pork scratching)

Now this may sound like a bit of a daft question

Especially considering us blurkes don’t really mind
about this sort of stuff

You know

Wedding Planning… yawn

Just as long as there’s enough booze and food to keep
everyone happy then that’s cool right

Well … if you’re not already tied down

Then you’re in luck

And so is your lucky lady (or man… it is the 21st
century after all)

Cos Wetherspoons are doing weddings


All the beer you can drink

A sticky carpet (carpet in pubs still confuses me by
the way)

And you can feed everyone for £3.50 per head

They’ll also throw in a DJ (probably the member of
barstaff who has the best cd collection)

^^^ Showing my age there

So there you go… all sorted for you…

Best get on the blower to them now before your date
gets snapped up by someone else…

Unless of course you’re not really that big on having
your nuptials in a ‘spoons

Especially cos they’ll probably not close it to the
other punters (but hey… the more the merrier right)

This is where you begin to realise you actually have

That and telling your good lady (or man) that you’ve
booked the local chain pub for the most important day
of your lives so far…


That’s gonna be you sleeping in the spare room for a
couple of months (assuming you stay together)

^^^ Oh and if this is true then you realise you’re
living in sin right 😉

So we’ve established you have standards

Then riddle me this one Batman

Why don’t you have similar standards about other stuff
that’s just as important

Like looking after your health so you can live to see
your kids get married (wherever that will be in the
future… Nandos)???

See there are all sorts of cheap solutions out there…

But cheap and best don’t really go together do they

That’s why the STRONG DAD program isn’t cheap

The information that has gone into this program has
taken me the best part of fifteen years to gather…

I’ve thrown out all of the unnecessary stuff to make it
as simple as possible for you

Basically I’ve made all of the mistakes and wasted a
LOT of time and money so you don’t have to

You’ll get fitter stronger and healthier in 3 months on
the STRONG DAD Online Program than you have in the last
few years of being a member of a gym

Which has probably cost you hundreds if not thousands

And hiring a trainer in a gym will cost you the best
part of £200 per month (for ONE session per week)

^^^ Just to stand there and count reps for you

AND you’ll have to fit into their schedule (along with
everyone else they train)

But with the STRONG DAD program you can do the sessions
on YOUR time (and it won’t cost you any extra to do

^^^ You can do 5 sessions per week for the same price
as one

And to top all of that off there’s a whopping 70%

^^^ Yep you read that right… you get the ULTIMATE
package for the price of the STRONG DAD

But this offer will only last until Thursday 1 March

ONE WEEK from now (but if you’re not interested NOW
then chances are it’s not for you anyway)

Cos I’m gonna MAKE DAMN SURE you drop a ton of lard and
get super strong by the end of May

If you want one of only 5 available spots

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p.s. If not

Why not?

Seriously …. tell me






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