Mark’s Experience Of The Online Challenge

So I thought I’d let Mark do all the talking

He had a badass experience on doing the 6
week online program…

I asked him a few questions and here’s what
he cam back with…


” What was your main concern before you
signed up? ”

Well i guess the main concern was can i do
this? I’m over 50 not in great shape (well
not 6 weeks ago!). I was worried about my
sore shoulder, dodgy knees, dodgy back etc.
Am i going to be able to complete the course
or am i going to look like an idiot and waste
my time?


” What was your experience of the 6 Week
Online Lard Buster? ”

This is without doubt the best
strength/fitness/weightloss thing i have ever
done! It was challenging but totally doable!
Much more interesting than going to the gym.
Very little time required compared with
cycling or swimming. No injuries from
pounding round the streets endlessly.


” What have your results been? ”

Not that weightloss was my primary goal but i
still lost almost a stone in the 6 weeks! My
strength fitness and mobility have improved
greatly! I feel good! As James Brown once
said 🙂


” What would you say to someone who was
concerned about getting started? ”

I would say go for it! Peter Lant really
knows his stuff and will sort you out in no
time! I really enjoyed the whole experience
and I am now continuing on to learn more.


” What’s the main attraction of BKS? ”

Great motivation and support. Theres a whole
bunch of ordinary guys and gals doing the
same thing so plenty of feedback and advice.

–> Any questions you have are answered really

No gym posers no idiots.

Have Fun!


So dude…

You’ve heard it from Mark…

A guy in his 50s who stepped up and wishes he
had done it sooner…

So don’t hang about my friend…


p.s. Any questions hit me up dude…

As Mark said…

They’re answered really quickly…





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