Man Accuses Me Of Wa****ing Into His Inbox

True story…

It happened the other day…

I was pretty surprised considering I have never
knowingly done this in front of anyone…

He accused me of…

I’m still not sure how I should put this…


^^^ What did you think I meant?


I had no idea what this was…

The fact that I’m doing it is pure coincidence

So I looked it up and am still a bit perplexed

Here’s a snippet from a definition I found

” wackaging refers to the increasingly overly familiar,
infantilised copy that’s become ubiquitous ever since
‘Innocent’ adopted a wacky and distinctive tone of
voice on their packaging in 2000″

^^^ Read that again because at first it made no sense
to me

But then when I actually thought about it

This guy must think I’m being patronising in the way I
talk about getting in shape

Which maybe I am but I would consider this

If you’re out of shape then you have to ‘learn’ how to
reverse this

I had to do that

And when you START to learn something you have ZERO
years of experience

So when all these trainers are talking about:

– Set & Rep Schemes

– Macros


– Periodisation

And so on

You have no idea what they’re on about

Which is why I like to keep it simple

So yer… maybe it does come across as patronising

But then there’s something else I realised

This guy seems to be a bit peeved that I was speaking
to him as a child…

—–> So he threw his toys out of the pram and had a
bit of a tantrum…

And there we have it…

‘Cept to say that I DO like to keep things as simple as

So if you want to get in shape without all the BS that
you don’t need to know yet

My 6 Week Online Lard Buster is for you

==> Check out what Kevin said about it here



p.s. There’s a good boy…

Oh hang on that’s what you say to dogs right


Got it all wrong again…




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