Are You Making This ‘Schoolboy’ Error?

Used to HATE sports at school me

I was rubbish

REALLY rubbish

I remember ‘watching’ the other kids playing
footy on the school field at lunchtime

They would all chase after the ball in a big

Rather than creating space and angles for
passes to split the other team apart

Think about it for a minute

The best teams aren’t the ones who can run
around like headless chickens

They are the ones who can slow the game down

And control it

Which is why most fellas fail when it comes
to getting fitter and stronger

You decide to do something that’ll get you
really sweaty

Moving as fast as possible to ‘burn those
extra calories’

But what if you took a step back

Slowed right down…

Created some space

Took a look up

And made that perfect pass right into the
path of the forward…

Making it impossible to miss

^^^ That’s what we do here at BKS

I’ll show you how to become one of those
players who can carry on for years

And still control the game

All you got to do is hit this link

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p.s. I won’t be showing you how to play
silky smooth football by the way

That was just an analogy

I’m shit at football

But I am good at getting fellas Super Strong






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