Make Me Eat My Words

There’s less than a week to go

If you want to be part of the STRONG DAD program it starts NEXT

But before you apply…

I wanted to show you this comment from a fella who unsubscribed
last week

“Not committed enough”

^^^ So this fella felt the need to tell me this as if to
differentiate himself from everyone else


This is what MOST fellas feel like

And it’s as if this bloke was confirming to himself that he
seriously lacks commitment to anything

Cos as you already know… when we dish out advice we are usually
talking to ourselves

It’s true of these emails…

When I’m sitting down to think about what to say I just think of
all of the obstacles that I used to put in my own way to stop me
from getting in shape…

The thoughts that popped up day after day to make sure I stayed
flabby and stuck with a body I was ashamed of

^^^ I still struggle with this by the way which is why I set up

It’s why I set up the STRONG DAD Online Program

Cos I know there are tons of fellas out there in your position

Constantly telling yourself that everything is ok as it is… (as
it has been for the last 10 or 15 years)

When the same struggles crop up year after year… which is when
you start looking for the next program

(only those struggles get worse as you get older)

While you are procrastinating your lethargy is doing push-ups in
the background and getting stronger every day…

The longer you leave it the harder it gets

One of the STRONG DADS said this yesterday…

” when the student is ready the teacher will appear…. we need
to be ready and for soooo long I wasn’t even close ”

^^^ This was someone who had been reading these emails for
months… possibly years

Then suddenly … it was time to get started…

For some reason NOW was the time… but then it always is…

So if you’re not ready right now…

I Get It

It may feel like there’s too much going on around you right now
that you will NEVER be ready…

But I think we both know this isn’t true

It’s just a temporary feeling that makes you want to go straight
to the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email cos you know
I’m making sense

And that’s cool…

The STRONG DAD Online Program isn’t for everyone…

In fact it’s for VERY FEW fellas…

If you’re not prepared to leave your BS behind you and are going
to continue to let it rule your life then this program definitely
ISN’T for you…

You can just stay as you are (like the vast majority of fellas
out there)… take a look around if you don’t believe me

So who IS the STRONG DAD Online program for?

It’s for YOU if you’re ready to make a positive change

It’s for YOU if you’re not as strong as you want to be but don’t
know where to start

It’s for YOU if this email has pissed you off… if it’s fired
you up and made me want to eat my words…

THAT’S the kind of passion I’m looking for

So now that you’re ready

==> Apply to be a STRONG DAD to make me eat my words



p.s. Tomorrow I’m gonna give you a peak inside the WhatsApp

It makes me proud to be part of this…





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