Lessons From Turning 40

Today I turn 40…

Here’s 20 things I’ve learned along the

If you don’t agree –> see #4


1. 40 ISN’T old (I felt older at 30)

2. It’s never too late to start something new
(in fact it’s essential if you want to

3. You have to be willing to SUCK at stuff to
stand any chance of growth

4. It doesn’t matter what other people think
(even if you say this do you REALLY live
it?)… still gets me from time to time

5. Six pack abs are pointless if what you
really want is to add years to your life
(movement trumps everything… strength will

6. Life isn’t comfortable… if it is then
it’s time for a new challenge

7. Money doesn’t make you happy… Good
relationships with family and friends do

8. Giving without expectation makes me happy

9. The most important people in your life
will be there for you and love you without
judgement even when you’re being a
douchenozzle… (hold on to them)

10. Trying to think of 40 things is boring
(hence 20)

11. I like my coffee like I like my people…

12. Doing what you love for less money far
outweighs doing what you hate for a faceless

13. Kids these days have it too easy… (was
never like that when I were a lad) <– ha

14. Everyone is doing their best

15. Send someone an appreciation message
NOW… and don’t expect a reply

16. Living in the present brings more
happiness than constantly living for the
future (which doesn’t exist yet)

17. ^^^ Comparing your life NOW to memories
of the past (which will be sugar coated)
leads to disappointment… live NOW

18. Getting pissed off about things beyond
your control causes more stress than you
want… stop it

19. Question your thoughts

20. I sound like a hippy


21. Always have a WHY








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