This My Be My Last Email (I need a priest)


Loads of it…

I’m feeling rather sorry for myself as I write this

You know when people tell you that you have a HEAVY

Cos if it was flu you wouldn’t be able to move…


For the last four days I’ve had PROPER flu…

Yesterday I had to drag myself out of bed to get to the
BKS ‘live’ sessions…

I even had a ‘go’ at a session myself (which was a car

So I was forced to rest up instead…

Which is Booooooriiiiiing

Seriously… I dont know how folk binge watch box sets
for days on end

^^^ I was bored after a few hours

But as I lie here panting with my heart pounding

Sweating… and shivering at the same time

My brain wants to be occupied…

I can only imagine this is what old age feels like

Your brain wants to write cheques that your body can’t

I will get better though (I hope)

But once you’ve lost the ability to move well (which
happens as we get older)

^^^ IF you don’t do something about it NOW

It takes more than a few days to get it back (if EVER)

Now this all might sound a bit dramatic (but then every
emotion is exacerbated at the moment cos I’m so close
to death)

But it’s sadly true for a lot of folk

And I want to prevent this happening to you

Which is why here at BKS I don’t focus on getting you
ripped (cos that’s a rubbish goal quite frankly)

YES I will help you lose weight … but only if you
need to for health reasons

There’s that word …


The thing that matters most in my opinion

Cos without your health you’re gonna struggle with

Seriously… even typing this is hurting my digits…

See there are a load of ‘SOLUTIONS’ out there that will
offer to get you in shape FAST FAST FAST

Which is cool

But they won’t help you change your bad habits

And it’s your bad habits that STOP you from actually
FEELING in shape

Now I got a couple of people starting next Monday

So if you live in Bath

And wanna join them

All you have to do is apply via the link below

==> Click Here To Apply To Join BKS


p.s. cough cough cough







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