Last Chance

Why are you here?

Seriously dude

If you’re not ready to step up and get fitter
stronger and healthier…

If you think you can do it on your own…

What do you need from me?

See there was this fella last week…

He unsubscribed cos I was

” No Longer Needed “

^^^ This was a guy who’d been reading these
emails for 3 weeks


He downloaded the free program

And three weeks later he’d gotten everything
he needed

So one of three things must have happened

1) He has an amazing amount of self
accountability and can do it on his own (and
has gotten the life changing results he
wanted in just three short weeks)

2) He realised there was a little bit of
effort required and gave up

3) He jumped onto the next free thing he
could find and give up in a couple of weeks
(which has probably been happening for years)

Oh and here’s a bonus one

4)… He’s full of shit

^^^ Which is the most likely

See I know cos I WAS this guy

Trying stuff for a week or two then deciding
it doesn’t work

Cos I wasn’t ready to commit to anything

I just wanted a quick fix

^^^ Which deep down we all know doesn’t exist

Thinking I could do it all on my own…

Even though I was a total beginner

I mean what possible value can someone who’s
spent years testing out and refining

Seeking out the best coaches in the world to
learn from

Analysing what works for fellas just like YOU

Spending a ton of time and money to become
the best coach he can be

(to make this as simple as possible for YOU)

Getting fellas to :

– Lose weight (SEVEN AND A HALF STONE is the
record so far)

– Gain Super Strength (so you can avoid pain)

– Reduce their daily pills from TWELVE to ONE

– Reducing dangerously high blood pressure
and colesterol levels

^^^ Back to within the tolerance of ‘healthy’

Hence the reduction in medication

What possible value could I add?


p.s. If you really don’t know the answer to
that question then I can’t help you dude

But if you really do want to improve your
chances of reaching a ripe old age

While still being able to move

Then here’s what may be your last chance v v

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