Kettlebells Hurt My Back

“My back always goes with kettlebell workouts”

^^^ That was a comment left on FB on one of my posts

Whenever I hear from someone who says this I usually ask the same

“have you ever been shown how to do it?”

This guy’s answer

“to be fair probably not properly. Tends to be part of a class
and the object has been to kill you off”


There’s your answer right there…

Now as you already know I happen to think kettlebells are the
BEST way to get in shape for the guy who has very little time but
wants to shed a bunch of lard while getting super strong

I think this because this is EXACTLY how I got in shape after
trying pretty much everything else…

I’m not saying everything else doesn’t work… I just found
everything else too time consuming and boring

There’s a LOAD you can do with a kettlebell (or two) to keep your
workouts… dare I say… entertaining

And because I work mainly with busy dads who have zero time for

Not to mention injuries and mobility problems from smashing
themselves to pieces when they were younger

I find kettlebells the PERFECT solution

Cos all you need is 30 mins a few days a week and a very small
amount of space…

Like your house, garden or local park…

But when I hear about guys who’ve bought a cheap kettlebell from
Asda and ‘given it a go’ after watching a few YouTube clips I get

Especially when they tell me kettlebells hurt their back

A kettlebell is an inanimate object… so the thing that is
hurting your back is how YOU are using it (harsh but fair)

^^^ I know this from personal experience by the way

And this is when you decide that it’s clearly not for you… so
start using your redundant bell as a doorstop

This is why my STRONG DAD Online Program is perfect for you if
you’ve already taken that first step

The only obstacle stopping you from getting in shape with this
‘doorstop’ is the knowledge of HOW to use it to its FULL effect

And my STRONG DAD Online Program will teach you

Along with a whole host of other cool stuff

Like my online Nutrition System… Which you will SEE in
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But for now I have a couple of things for you…

1) My FREE Swing book… the one that shows you how to do the
kettlebell swing PROPERLY so you don’t hurt your back

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If you’re already using kettlebells then please please please
use this book to check if you’re doing it right…

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