"Kettlebells are bad for your back" - Bath Kettlebell Society

“Kettlebells are bad for your back”

^^^ I’ve heard that around the doors

But let me put this into context for you…

For the last few days folk have been setting fire to things that explode at quite a force (all in the name of entertainment)

And the even more ridiculous thing is that they do it AT HOME and get the kids involved…

Now I know this happens every year and it’s a big part of our culture but if you REALLY think about it… it’s a bit daft innit

And if you mistreat a firework then it’s gonna hurt…

There are numerous stories of folk sticking them into a certain exit hole for a laugh (and regretting the decision soon after)

^^^ It’s the same with kettlebells dude

These things are inanimate lumps of iron that just sit there innocently…

The reason they’re so frowned upon by a lot of folk is because they look harmless and the exercises you do with them look really simple

Which is why folk in gyms all over the land pick these things up and start swinging them around with no clue what they’re doing…

Then when they hurt their backs they blame the Kettlebell

^^^ Which is like blaming the firework for burning your arse

Now I happen to think the Kettlebell is a GREAT place to start when you want to get Super Strong while taking your cardio training to a whole new level

I’ve even used Kettlebell training to help countless fellas deal with their ‘Stiff’ lower backs…

And this is why I want YOU to check out the

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This way I can help you get the most out of this awesome piece of kit without damaging yourself on the process…

I break the kettlebell swing down for you so you learn all of the elements of a great swing that will Strengthen your back as well as make you NAILS

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Peter Lant

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