She Keeps Hiding My Stuff

Where is it

I know it’s here somewhere…


I can’t find it…

That’s what I used to say about my willy when
I was a fat bloke…

But I am of course talking about

My Kindle charger…

Now a couple of years back I would have
blamed my wife for tidying it away somewhere

Where I couldn’t find it

But that’s not the case anymore cos she no
longer lives with me

Turns out it was in the ‘shit’ drawer in the

^^^ We all have one

‘cept I tidied mine the other week

So I could keep stuff I actually use in

But it wasn’t the first place that sprung to

Cos it’s been full of pointless crap for the
last 10 years

So why am I telling you this…

Well I realised that I was to blame…

No one else

In the past when I would blame it on my wife
it used to piss her off

Big time (and rightly so)

But now there’s only me

Nowhere to hide

I have to take FULL responsibility for myself

^^^ We all do it dude

Shift the blame when we know it’s all down to
us right

So what about your health and fitness

Who’s responsible for that…

* Is it the fast food joints that are just
soooooo tempting?

* Is it cos vegetables were designed to taste

* Is it the fault of the advertising agencies
who make their unhealthy ‘food’ sound so

* Could it be that you have no idea what’s
good for you and what’s not

Or is it entirely your own fault cos you just
can’t resist temptation?

or be bothered to learn how to cook

Which is why you just chuck whatever you can
find that’s quick and easy down your throat

Ok I get it

It’s a minefield of information out there

Even I’m confused about some of the latest
fashionable diests…

Which is why I use a super simple

Fool proof method

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in just SIX weeks

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