Keeping The Cherubs Entertained

It’s almost upon us again dude…

I am of course talking about

The School Holidays

Six whole weeks of trying to think of new ways to entertain the

But fortunately for you I’m gonna help with that…

I can show you ways of keeping yourself fit while entertaining
the cherubs

Which will come in handy in a few weeks when you’ve run out of
grandparents to send them to for a few days

Funny how they do that innit

‘Oh yes… we’re retired now so we have ALL the time in the word
to look after the little darlings’

Then when you have a whole load of time they’re suddenly busy…
(using their free time to go on holiday)

I mean REALLY…

They should be more thoughtful…


I remember when I was a nipper

When I went back to school in September I’d forgotten how to
write (remember that)

It was because I was out of practice…

Which is what happens to us ‘adults’ when it comes to movement

If we don’t move we forget how to

Which is why I want you to use the emails over the next few days
to help YOU move better

As well as give you ideas of how to keep your kids moving,
playing and having fun with you (without knackering you out)

How does that sound?



p.s. First ‘lesson’ tomorrow






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