Just Realised How Boring This Sounds

So to continue the theme of boring

from yesterday

Here’s the most boring quote ever

I stole it from my coach…

Who stole it from someone else

” Success comes from doing the simple, often
mundane, often uncomfortable things



Yep that has to be thee most un-sexy thing
you’ve ever read right?

It nearly sent me to sleeeeeeeeeee………..

^^^ Only joking

See I know it’s true

Cos it’s not doing this stuff that stops you
from doing the things you want to do

If you don’t do the simple stuff…

The stuff that piles up in your head

Taking up space and causing stress

You don’t get that shit out of the way you
might as well just give up now

Cos you sure as shit won’t be able to focus
on anything else

Which is why you find it hard to get into

Lack of focus

You’re too busy trying to grab 20 mins in the

At peak times

When everyone else is doing the same

So you end up doing a ‘token’ 5 mins of
meaningful exercise

Before you hit the steam room

Which is also a sausage fest…

But what if I could give you everything you

So all you need is 20 mins per day

Without having to leave the house

You’ll lose at least a stone in 6 weeks

And by the end you’ll be fully equipped to
carry on


^^^ Really…

I’m serious

It’s pretty much EXACTLY what I do and I’m
stronger and fitter at 40 than I’ve ever been

And continue to progress when nature tells me
I should be shrivelling

^^^ In ALL areas (back to sausages again)


I have what you need my friend…


it’s not a sausage

It’s my online program that’s helped tons of
fellas get




And all without a gym membership

Wanna meet them and join in..

Yes you say…

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p.s. You can ask em what results they got on
the other side

CLICK HERE to get your FREE blueprint so you can start getting stronger TODAY






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