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Just In Case You Missed This

bath christmas market

The Sabbath

A day of rest

And after the week

-> Rather month I’ve had I’m damn well gonna rest…

I’ve gone though ALL of the applications to join BKS
‘Live’ which was no small task I can tell you

If for some reason you DIDN’T get a response from me
then just hit reply to this email and I’ll look for
your application and get straight back to you

If you have any questions about the “5 Day Kettlebell
Fat Funeral”


Then also just hit reply

(There’s still time to join)

You just need to hit the link below to get everything
you need

==> CLICK HERE to join my “5 Day Kettlebell Fat

That’s all I got today I’m afraid

I need to rest up before the Fat Funeral kicks off


p.s. Time for a coffee



Peter Lant

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