I’ve Seen Your Future

Weather’s been a bit pants of late hasn’t it

Kinda makes you just wanna curl up and go back to sleep every
morning (or is that just me)?

I know the fellas at BKS feel like that too (cos they told me)

And here’s the thing… they told me during a 7am session (cos we
got out of bed and got on with it)

^^^ Not out of the same bed by the way (we’re not Morecambe &

This brings me to my point though…

WHY would you want to get out of bed on a rainy morning to do
exercise (I mean that’s just bonkers right)?

But it’s not JUST the exercise you don’t want to do is it dude?

Especially as the mornings are getting dark

You pretty much don’t want to get up and do ANYTHING
(seriously… my mattress has never been more comfy)

You still get up for work though (cos if you didn’t you’d lose
your house, your wife and kids and end up on the streets eating
out of a bin)

Amazing how the brain can paint a vivid picture of the future
when you’re about to make a silly decision

It’s all based on the fear of the outcome

The fear of NOT going to work and earning your keep turns up as
the worst possible scenario

(I know this from experience by the way… I’m not just making it

When my marriage started to break up I pictured myself in a teeny
tiny (not to mention dark) one bed flat with mould on the

I could see myself curled up in a corner not wanting to go out
due to being a failure…

But guess what… That DIDN’T happen

Everthing is ok…

Fear can work a bit differently though (when it comes to doing
something that doesn’t appear to have any REAL benefit)

When you decide to stay in bed and neglect to do any exercise
your brain will congratulate you for doing the right thing (for a
while anyway)

Your wife is still there beside you… the kids are watching TV

Nothing has changed so therefore there was no need to go for that

Or hit the gym

Well done to your brain… it kept you safe…

You’re still earning money and keeping your family in the manner
they’re accustomed to…

Until 10, 15, 20 years down the line and —- > BOOM

Your hip goes… your knee gives out… your shoulder
dislocates… you go over on your ankle

^^^ Then you realise that the comfort you had in the past made
you old and frail

But that’s ok… you still have a nice house and a comfy chair to
sit in (with a 20 year old arse print in it)

The kids flew the nest ages ago but they’ll still come and visit
(when they’ve got time… or need money more like)

^^^ See what I did there… I just painted a picture of the
future WITHOUT exercise

This is why having a REASON to do something really matters

Just getting fitter because you’ll lose a few pounds ISN’T a real

You’re not INVESTED in it emotionally… so it doesn’t matter if
you give up…

When you REALLY look at why you want to get in shape… cos it’ll
keep you going well into your old age so you can dance at your
kids’ weddings and be there to look after your grandchildren (and
still keep up with them)

THAT’S when it becomes obvious that getting out of bed and
getting on with life makes perfect sense

Which is why the fellas and me do it every week

It’s tough to begin with and I get that

But when you consider what ‘might’ happen if you don’t… well…
you’ve seen your future

What’s it to be dude?



p.s. No link today… this is just for you to consider

Tomorrow I’ll help you with the motivation side of things

Cos that’s a right bugger that is…






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